Domenica is an Ecuadorian-born artist and designer. She graduated from the MA Textiles programme at the Royal College of Art (2018) where she developed an interdisciplinary practice rooted in colour and material research. Through her work, she explores the cultural perception of materials in relation to sustainable, craft and digital discourses.

Alongside her practice, Domenica collaborates with individuals and companies to create print identities, she teaches at UAL as a Tutor for Online Short Courses︎︎︎ and facilitates workshops for different art organisations.

Her use of colour has been recognised by Colour in Design Award (2019), Future Heritage (2018) and the Society of Colourists and Dyers (2017).


Neo Norte, Exposed Arts Projects, London, U.K. (2019)
Let Me Know Before You Arrive, Warbling Collective, London, U.K. (2018)
A Thread is Only a Line, London Design Festival, London, U.K. (2018)
Future Heritage, Decorex International, London, U.K. (2018)
Show 2018: Graduate Exhibition, Royal College of Art, London, U.K. (2018)
Bio Design Challenge: Food Futures, Westworks Building, London, U.K. (2017)
Landin+Oliveira, Artholic Studio Gallery, Quito, EC. (2015)

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